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bool(false) Love yourself by indulging yourself at Callisto Therapeutic Spa

A little self-indulgence goes a long way… So, you’ve often been told that being selfish, self-indulgent and self-absorbed are bad things — and they are … in many ways. But if you’re the kind of person to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own — whether it’s your spouse, kids, family or friends, now

Love Yourself!

bool(false) Gift a spa gift from Callisto Therapeutic Spa - the perfect gift

Love and romance! Couples are gearing up for Valentine’s Day and some singles are looking for someone to share that special day and every other moment with. Of course, we’re all looking forward to the wonderful gifts we’ll receive. They should be thoughtful, exciting, romantic … and if they sparkle … even better! Gift-giving is

Give the perfect gift – a relaxing spa day.

bool(false) New Year, New You Relax and Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Spirit with a Therapeutic Massage at Callisto Spa

New Year, New You! Relax and Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Spirit with a Therapeutic Massage The year is not quite new, but there’s still time to renew your mind, body and spirit so you can embrace the year with a refreshed you! A relaxing therapeutic massage is the perfect way to achieve balance, reset your

Relax and Rejuvenate with a Therapeutic Massage

bool(false) Uncover your best skin yet at Callisto Therapeutic Spa

It’s not too late to start the year off with a positive attitude and positively radiant skin! So out with the old, tired look and in with the fresh, new skin you’ll be more than happy to live in. With everything from stress and hormones to harmful UV rays and free radicals wreaking havoc on

Uncover Your Best Skin Yet!

bool(false) 6 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

The holiday season is here and we’re all thinking about the next big feast! There’s no doubt that pumpkin of some kind will make it to the dining table — whether it’s in soups, stews, pastries or even décor. We like this easy-to-grow, nutrient-rich fruit, especially this time of year. But maybe if we take

6 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

bool(false) Callisto Therapeutic Spa - Benefits of Pumpkin

It’s wonderful autumn and with it comes cool breeze, beautiful foliage, fabulous fall fashion and dull, dry skin. But for the spa-savvy among us, that’s nothing a little pumpkin can’t fix! In fact, pumpkin is popping up everywhere as the main ingredient — and we’re not talking just for pies, puddings and Halloween carvings. It’s

5 Reasons to Get Pumped for a Pumpkin Facial