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Give the perfect gift – a relaxing spa day.

Gift a spa gift from Callisto Therapeutic Spa - the perfect gift

Give the perfect gift – a relaxing spa day.

Love and romance! Couples are gearing up for Valentine’s Day and some singles are looking for someone to share that special day and every other moment with. Of course, we’re all looking forward to the wonderful gifts we’ll receive. They should be thoughtful, exciting, romantic … and if they sparkle … even better!

Gift-giving is an art. And to master that art you have to be in tune with the recipient, so you can give the gift that really says, “I love you.”

Master the art of gift giving.

Here are 5 tips to help you give the perfect gift:

1. Pay Attention — We can’t stress this enough. People, especially women, are good at dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints about what they love, enjoy and really want to get. If you keep your ears tuned and your eyes open, you might learn that the state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner you think will make her life easier, or the latest gadget you think will get him all fired up, is not what will get you that wonderful, wide-eyed look of pleasure. But if you’re paying attention, you’ll know it’s the gorgeous pair of earrings she’s been eyeing every time she passes that jewelry store, or that super-sleek watch on his Amazon wish list.

2. Plan Ahead — There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get a great gift at the last minute. You’ll probably buy a cheesy gift or end up over-spending on something you could have gotten at a better price if you had just bought it online weeks before. And, on that note, make sure your online purchases get to you before the special day. This goes for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas … you get the idea.

3. Give of Yourself — Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the most expensive or the most flashy ones. Sometimes the best gift is quality time spent with the one you love. Take her to see a Broadway play or on a romantic getaway. Take him to a museum exhibit, and if possible, buy him a piece he likes. Why not forgo the restaurant and make her a delicious dinner with all her favorite foods? While we love receiving gifts, it’s the great moments you create that we will cherish.

4. Name It or Frame It — Nothing says ‘me’ more than a personalized gift. Seriously, who doesn’t like their name or initials on something beautiful? Sure, it’s a plush, velvet-like bathrobe made of 100% Egyptian cotton, but what makes it stand out is the tastefully done monogram of his initials. If you’re giving a gift like a spa day and you want to present it well, make a personal invitation, put it in a beautiful frame and wrap it up nicely. She’ll love the thought behind it — and she’ll get a really great frame as well.

5. Go for the Foolproof Gifts — There are some gifts that are foolproof. Jewelry and a new car are at the top of list. The trick is getting just the right piece or the right model. Another foolproof option is a day of pampering. Imagine, a whole day to indulge in sumptuous facials and relaxing massages for a complete renewal of body, mind and spirit. Who wouldn’t love that? Is he complaining of back pains? Is she always working and often doesn’t take time out for herself? A relaxing spa day would be just what the doctor ordered. Choose a reputable spa, like Callisto Therapeutic Spa, with licensed and trained professionals who will take care of your other half.

So, be the gift master and give cupid a break this year! Purchase Gift Certificates Here